Natural handcrafted bags for summer

The handcrafted natural bag is definitely back as the must-have summer accessory! Whether they are made from straw, rattan, bamboo or hemp, these bags have been spotted across the fashion world again this season. 

From relaxed market bags, totes, cross-body bag and, clutches, they will add that effortless chic to any outfit. 

string bags for beach

Our Marigold string bags are perfect for beach outings, poolside or for storing your groceries. Fold them up into your handbag and you will love how the natural hemp stretches and expands.

closeup marigold

Embracing Pip & co.'s passion for handmade and artisan created pieces - raw and natural, our Marigold helps you ditch the plastic bag and style it up with the perfect string bag.


Images courtesy of Fredrika Akander -


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